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At Woke. Yoga & Wellness we have curated an experience for the people. Fusing cultural consciousness and tradition to connect us all. We would love for you to be a part of the journey.

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The Woke. Experience

[wohk]    [ik-speer-ee-uhns] 

The Duality of Woke. 

Woke. Yoga & Wellness combines being awake to the current racial and political climate of America and being aware of social injustices that plague black and latino people and being conscious of the responsibility you have to be a part of the solution and dissolution of the problem. 

Awakening one’s third eye is the sixth chakra and  an integral part of complete awakening. It refers to centering the energy in our body and seeing things from a higher vantage point and sharpening your sense of awareness as to light your path for complete self enlightenment & awakening. 


               [ kuh-nekt ]         

Please feel free to contact Rashi via social media or email. Or fill out the contact form and we will connect soon & As Always Stay Woke. 

Austin, Texas

Email : Woke.yoga@gmail.com

Instagram: @Woke.Yoga.Wellness

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